Tabling went well

I loved doing my first tabling event, spreading the good word about veganism! It was part of College of San Mateo’s Earth Day celebration and job fair. This is the first year that it’s been set up as more of a job fair, and it was a big success. I didn’t get as many visitors as a lot of the other tables, because I wasn’t actually offering jobs… but I did have a spread sheet showing lots of areas where vegans might want to have careers.

From chefs to marketing executive, there are an abundance of jobs in the animal rights/eco-conscious arena. Thankfully, at CSM, sustainability is a big focus, so we are striving to actually work it into our curriculum.

My actual display consisted mostly of the data from Cowspiracy. If you haven’t checked out their infographic, it’s definitely worth doing. The information there may just blow your mind. As I keep mentioning, research shows that animal agriculture contributes more to climate change than all fossil fuels combined. And yet, it’s hardly talked about at all. I plan to address that plenty in future posts.

My first tabling event!

I have the illustrious pleasure and fortune to be working for The College of San Mateo, and sit on their sustainability committee. Every year, we have an Earth Day event with lots of vendors and exhibitors and fun activities. I timidly asked our fearless leader, Paul, the coordinator, if he might have any free tables… and he said yes!

So, mine is to be the first vegan exhibit at Earth Day that the college has seen. *GULP* – this means it better be good, right? It’s sort of a fun circle: I created this site in order to house all of my awesome data on all things vegan and climate change-worthy. So now I have an excuse to post them, and grow this into a real web presence.

Since this particular event is very geared toward jobs – and is, in  fact, mostly a job fair with an emphasis on sustainability jobs, etc. – I am adding a section here discussing all the many careers and avenues toward not only employment but volunteerism and other ideas for vegans looking to work in a capacity where they are doing some good for the animals and the planet, rather than a dead-end job that might even contribute to animal suffering or pollution,  degredation, and the like.

Hopefully, this site will bloom into something fantastic down the line. Stick with me!