Vegan 4 Your Tastebuds

There are so many incredible vegan-friendly sites now, it would be impossible to list them all. Eating vegan has never been easier, healthier, or more delicious. Thanks to so many dedicated vegan chefs, nutritionists and lovers of all things culinary, you can find just about anything you love to eat ‘veganized’ in a recipe somewhere.  Here, I list some of my favorites.

I consider eating a plant-based diet as “feasting” because not only is it healthy, you also feel better knowing you’re eating basically guilt-free. When you choose your lifestyle compassionately, your cognitive dissonance stops nagging you. And, you’re probably adding years of healthy living to your life. Here are some great ways to acquaint yourself with some unbelievably indulgent vegan meal sources. Warning: You will kick yourself for not doing this sooner!

Some great things to know:

  1. Vegans do not deprive ourselves. In my case, anyway, I eat like a queen.
  2. Anything a cheese sauce could do, a cashew or coconut cream can do better!
  3. You can eat ‘fake meat’ or not, and still have a hearty (and healthy) diet.
  4. You never need to worry about protein. Seriously, it’s not an issue.

Check out these fabulous vegan resources, to get you inspired!

  • One Green Planet is a fantastic source for incredible Vegan cuisine recipes. They also have a plethora of vegan news and activism opportunities.